• Why you should consider buying a golden retriever puppies ?

    Developed in the Scottish highlands in the late 1800 by Lord Tweedmouth, the Golden Retriever puppy was a cross breed of different dogs like Tweed Water Spaniel, Flat-Coated Retriever and Irish Setter. This dog was characterized by a perfect scenting ability to hunt birds both on land and water. Three types of Golden Retrievers puppies  include American, English (or English Cream) and Canadian Golden retrievers.

    The Golden Retriever is known to be strong, medium/large sized dog with a full-figured head; muzzle is straight; muscular neck; teeth tends to meet in a scissors bite; black or brownish black nose; dark brown eyes and are well set apart; relatively short ears and they hang down; thick tail at the bottom with feathering along the belly. The most astounding attribute of this breed is its shining golden coat. It has a thick, close, straight or wavy, and water resistant coat. It has a balanced feathering on back of forelegs and on underbody; overwhelming feathering on neck, thighs and tail; short and even hair on head, paws and front legs.



    The Golden Retriever puppy is a quiet, delicate, dynamic, lovable, rich and friendly dog. This dog is extremely faithful to his family and, patient and delicate with kids. It does well with different pets too. This is a wise breed and simple to train. This submissive puppy loves to satisfy its owner. It is wary towards outsiders and barks boisterously when it senses any risk, which makes it a decent guard dog. This beautiful, superb family dog loves to swim and needs more human attention.

    Feeding and Health

    The recommended daily amount of feeding is 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food a day which should be divided into two meals.

    Golden Retrievers are generally healthy, yet like all other dog breeds, they’re inclined to certain health conditions. Not every Golden Retriever will get any of these sicknesses, yet it’s essential to know about them in case you’re considering this breed. Some of the health issues include hip Dysplasia, heart problem, cancer, eye problems, skin allergies etc.

    Golden Retriever Care and Grooming

    The Golden Retriever sheds consistently throughout the year and sheds vigorously during spring and fall. Continuous brushing with a firm bristle brush is required to keep its shining coat healthy. This dog ought to be showered just when it is essential and also use a dry cleanser. The ears and eyes of the dog ought to be cleaned routinely and the claws ought to be trimmed appropriately. The hair around the ears, tail and feet ought to be trimmed once in a month.

    The Golden Retrievers puppies are generally active indoors and do best in a normal zone. They need loads of every day activity like long walk, run and so forth. If they are sufficiently exercised, they can do perfectly fine in an apartment. Absence of activity may create behavioral issue in the puppy and can likewise make the puppy overweight. This puppy tends to put on weight so ought not to be overfed. Like different retrievers, Golden Retriever develops gradually, both physically and rationally.

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