• Dog owner’s guide – German shepherd puppies breed information

    Dog lovers know what a wonderful experience it is to own a dog. Apart from the excitement, it is a huge responsibility for owners. As an assistance, herewith provided some important details about taking care a German shepherd puppies.

    Types of Germen Shepherds

    Mainly there are three German shepherd types. They are American show lines, the German show lines, and the European working lines. Each of these types possesses unique personality and appearance. When you decide to get a Germen Shepherd to your family, you should have a good understanding of these characteristics.

    American Show Lines
    They are also called the AKC Lines. Canadian show lines (CKC) also fall in this category. They are considered as show dogs. These Germen Shepherds can be seen in all the AKC style dog shows. Especially after the World War II, the popularity of the German Shepherds increased by a considerable margin.

    American “Pet” Lines
    This particular German Shepherd type is mainly bred as pets. Usually they are bred by pet owners and not by the expert dog breeders. They are also known as Back-Yard Breeders or BYB in shorten form. American Pet Lines are descended from the Show Lines. These dogs are bred by people in their homes and backyards. Unlike expert dog owners, people who adopt pet lines take less care about them. They do not care much about the pedigree, health, nutrition, exercises or any other thing. They think that these dogs can be bred just for fun, just as a good experience for kids or things like that. Very often, these dogs breed to a dog of a friend, family member or a neighbour.

    German Show Lines

    These dogs are also called “High Lines” or Sieger Lines. Although they too are a show line dogs, there are significant differences when it comes to appearance and the temperament. The main difference of this category over the American Show lines is that both parents must have passed health testing and performance evaluations apart from conformation evaluations. Although this process does not guarantee the health of the dog, it is way better than the AKC where no such testing is carried out.

    In fact, the puppy you newly own is the end result of a perfect process that took care the mother and puppies. The process includes a healthy diet, socialising sessions and hygienic care. As the new owner, you are expected to continue the process with same interest if you expect your German Shepherd to grow perfectly.

    Before you take the puppy home, make sure that he can’t escape your yard. Re-do the fence patching up all the gaps if necessary.

    German shepherd puppies usually dig ground once they are bored. You can get ready for that by having adequate water available for them to engage with. There are seashell swimming pools available in the market, which are loved by puppies. Make sure that you have some floating toys as they love to play with them while enjoying water. You will need to give them at least a dozen toys. These toys should be replaced monthly until they grow up and avoid chewing.

    Observe your garden and see if there are any dangerous plants for dogs and get rid of them. Make the garden a friendly place for the puppy. Some plants cause them allergies and may even lead to death. You may seek the assistance of internet (Google) to find out dangerous plants for dogs.

    Your new German Shepherd puppy should be taken into the garden for exercises. It is better if you can tolerate him to sniff the ground. You should appreciate him upon doing his excretion at outside so he knows where to go. Be aware of the signs he provides wanting to go outside. He will stand at the door or sniff the ground in such case.

    Prepare a separate sleeping area for him. It should be quiet and comfortable with a bedding provided. So far, he has got used to sleep with the other puppies and therefore make sure to create some lumps under the blanket and do not forget to scatter some toys on the bedding. That will reduce his loneliness. It is better if you can place some newspapers in the bedding area as a solution until the puppy is properly trained.

    Make him go to the bed just before you. Otherwise, surrounding noises due to your activities will disturb his sleep and make it an irregular one. However, the best option is to let him to sleep on the floor next to your bed with a warm blanket until he gets use to the situation. You always keep in mind that it is just a baby yet and your protection means a lot to him. In fact, they want to be a part of your family and do not be hesitant to make them closer to you. When they grow older under these circumstances, you can expect a lot from them as they grow older.

    In case your Germen Shepherd puppy cries at night, you should be patient. He is lonely in a strange environment and he can’t see you. You should think from his point of view. He is just separated from his usual environment. He had to go through a lot for a day. After all it is an 8 weeks old baby. They can even be hesitant in the food provided. Therefore, take a good care of the food too. The best recommended food for his first night is some BBQ chicken without bones. German Shepherds rarely will turn down this offer. This type of food will help him to settle down.

    Dog is a family member. Before you take a decision to get a dog, you must be confident in all the aspects. German Shepherds are friendly and intelligent dog breed. They require your attention always. They need you to be their leader. He loves to be guided. Treat him like a family member and make the plans to match his convenience too. He will become you most trusted partner.

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